Home Run Derby

Our version of Home Run Derby is separated into the following divisions - Elementary School, Middle School, High School, & 18+ for Baseball.  Men & Women's Division for Softball. Pick up a score card at the front counter. Its FREE to play!! Winners of each division will be rewarded at the end of each month with a Casey's SportsWorld Home Run Derby CHAMPION T-Shirt and 5 free rounds of hitting!

                        RULES:                                                                       SCORING:
1. Only count 12 pitches per round for total score                            Black/Bottom=1

2. Ball must hit back net on the fly                                                         Yellow/Middle=3

3. Ball cannot hit sides, top, or ground first.                                             Red/Top=5

4. Ball can skip off of pitching machine roof first.                                      Metal Target=15

5. Score must be kept by witness.                                                         Bullseye=25

                                                                                                           Last ball = Money Ball- Double Points